CSS Hotel Systems has over 35 years of experience in the hospitality industry. In 1982 we started out as a hospitality Back Office provider; CSS quickly saw the need for an efficient and easy to use Property Management Software for the industry. With the help of our customers, who helped develop our product, CSS developed a state of the art product that was soon implemented in a number of hotels and resorts including the all of the Double Tree Hotels. We have continued the tradition of using our customer feedback to refine and tailor our systems to the customers’ needs.

By adapting to our customer's needs we became a preferred provider for Condominium Accounting Systems for Hilton World Wide. The Hilton management team quickly recognized that the SumIT Condominium Management System was a strong addition to their technology strategy and helps them to track HOA fees, owner revenue, condominium rotation, miscellaneous expenses, escrow accounts, 1099’s and much more. CSS Hotel Systems currently handles over 17 Hilton Condominiums worldwide with more on the horizon.

The success of the Hilton partnership led to a relationship with LXR Luxury Resorts and Hotels, in the marina industry. CSS Hotel Systems currently manages marinas through our SumIT Marina System such as Bahia Mar Resort & Marina and Hyatt Pier 66 Resort & Marina. With our scalable and flexible software we were able to step in and create a marina management software that tracks boat name and owner, length, beam and draft, and any other piece of data your dock needs. Since the SumIT Marina System was born from our Front Office System we can handle both transient and long stay docks allowing the marina to keep track of charges and services housed in one easy to use system. In keeping with the tradition of using our customer feedback to improve our software we are currently partnering with LXR to develop an interactive marina map for our users.

As we entered the new millennium we saw the need to expand our software even further. This brought forth the Full Function Interface concept. By building the backend database to accommodate more data, we added the ability to have over 35,000 bins to each transaction. This allows us to capture every transaction throughout a property and name each transaction, thus allowing the property to have up to the minute financials on every profit center with in the property. We look forward to speaking with you about our organization if you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Software Developement History

2015 - CSS Hotel Systems has expanded into International Markets, continuing into 2016.

2012 - In a coordinated effort with LXR Luxury Resorts, the SumIT - Marina Web Reservations System is released.

2011 - CSS Hotel Systems creates the SumIT Software Suite, continuing years of upgrades and additions. The SumIT - Front Office System, the SumIT - Marina System, and the SumIT - Condominium System all completely integrated to the the SumIT - Back Office Accounting System.

2006 - With the release of our enhanced and upgraded for windows CSS Back Office Accounting system all CSS software is moved to C++ software.

2004 – Hilton contracted CSS to build a Condominium Accounting System for them by taking a portion of the CSS Front Office System and interfacing it to existing Hilton Front Office software OnQ. To this day we continue to add Hilton properties to our condominium system portfolio.

2002 – CSS Web Reservations System is created to allow online booking and owner services.

2001 – With the Creation of the CSS Front Office System continuef the tradition of cutting edge software as we upgraded and enhanced to Windows Software Written with C++.

1998 - The CSS Text Based software suite is enhanced to handle the Year 2000 and distributed to our users.

1997 - CSS began the designing and enhancing their next generation software of all Windows Operating systems.

1995 - Legends Golf Resorts (Myrtle Beach) was added to the CSS customer portfolio, with them was also the creation of our Activity Scheduler for golf resorts, to provide activities and tee time tracking with ticket printing options.

1994 - The CSS Marina System was created for Pier 66 Resort (Ft. Lauderdale) which bringing rates per linear foot in one of the many options offered in our software suite.

1993 - CSS Hotels Systems goes global with a franchise of the CSS Hotel Systems in Korea on the CSS IBM AS/400 Front Office software. We enhanced the system specifically to adapt our software to our ever growing markets.

1992 - The Omni Hotel Corporation (Omaha) installed at the corporate offices the CSS Back Office System to handle the accounting for all the Omni Hotels Nationwide. Providing unique multiple company capabilities such as companywide consolidated financials, regional financials, consolidated daily reports, and inter-company functions.

1991 - Ramada Express Casino (Laughlin, NV) joins the CSS team. The addition of Global Complimentary Codes was added to the system to tailor the system for casinos, enabling casino managers the freedom to offer complimentary items yet having the system automatically handle all of the accounting.

1989 - CSS adds Rock Resorts Corporation (US and Caribbean) to the growing list of CSS clients the Front Office system is then enhanced and designed to meet the needs of destination resorts.

1988 - CSS System 36 Software was migrated to IBM AS/400 in an attempt to provide a comprehensive Front and Back Office accounting systems on the latest hardware platform. .

1984 - CSS Hotel Systems creates the CSS Front Office System, designed for Double Tree Hotel Corporation.

1982 - CSS Hotel Systems is created when Doubletree Hotel Corporation contracted Computer Software Services to design and implement a Back Office accounting system written for the IBM System 36.

1978 - Computer Software Services is founded, a custom program provider for any industry.