The Accounts Payable Software is a full function accounts payable system complete with MICR check printing capabilities, and seamless integration to the SumIT General Ledger System. Account for a single property payables or use a centralized corporate accounting configuration depending on your companies needs.

Corporate Accounting Integrated Solutions: Inter-company accounts payable transactions may be distributed among several properties or companies. This alleviates redundant data entry and allows you to pay vendor invoices for multiple companies/departments with one payment, while tracking distribution for each company and department.

Standard Functions: The SumIT Accounts Payable system allows you to set the Accounts Payable accounting period, maintain vendor files, enter/edit invoices and payments, post and print checks, reconcile AP checks with the bank account, purge paid invoices, run the end of month, transmit 1099 data to the Internal Revenue Service, and print reports.

Multiple Searches: The venders search combined with the general ledger and statistic ledger searches are provided to increase efficiency when inputting invoices.

Multiple Checks: The SumIT Accounts Payable system allows you to select the type of check printing you prefer. Pre-printed checks or MICR checks are both supported.

History File: The A/P History file tracks all invoices processed and paid, and maximizes your ability to analyze vendor activity.

Batch Entry Routines: The A/P Batch Entry routines make entering invoices, voided checks, hand checks, or adjusting entries fast and efficient, while providing full accounting accountability.

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System Features

Invoice Entry Routines

Hand Checks

Inter-Company Capabilities

Distribution G/L Searches

Vender Searches

Batch Entry Routines

Multiple Checks

1099 & Tax Reporting

Accounts Payable Standard Reports

Multiple AP Agings

Historical AP Agings

Open Payables

Invoice Distributions

G/L Transactions

Batch Transactions

Tax Reports

A/P Check Register & 1099 List

System Modules