The SumIT General Ledger handles all the basic functions you need to process general accounting and statistical data. The Profit & Loss Statements and Balance Sheets are tailor made to your specifications, as are the consolidated multiple company financial reports. The recurring entry routines combined with the import and exports functions, reducing the time and effort required to produce financial reports.

Accounting & Statistical Reporting: Our General Ledger tracks both general ledger and statistic ledger information.

Multiple Financials: The SumIT General Ledger System has over forty versions of the Profit and Loss Statement, and five versions of the balance sheet all designed using one common financial report driver. The financial drivers are customized and designed to your specifications, creating tailor made financials specifically for your company.

Financial Statement Writers: Your management has the flexibility to customize financial statements to your own specifications during the SumIT accounting system installation. You define your property-specific financials.

Accounting Standard: All CSS Hotel Systems products conform to the standards of the Hospitality Financial Technology Professionals (HFTP) Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry.

Consolidation Functions: For companies accounting for multiple businesses, the General Ledger has a consolidated Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, and General Ledger which can provide regional or company-wide financials.

Inter-Company Capabilities: The General Ledger system can account for multiple companies, and if your policy dictates inter-company functions can be turned on. When inter-company transactions are on, the system will actually handle the balance sheet inter-company transactions. This process can be done within one database, or accross multiple databases wheather on the same server or spread accross the globe using the internet.

Automation: The SumIT General Ledger system has innovative procedures and functionality designed to reduce your workload. From recurring entries to the spreadsheet import routines, all these functions work together to enhance your accounting departments productivity.

Recurring Entries: The recurring entry rouine enables batchs to be created and saved for use later. The recurring batch becomes a starndard entry which will create a modifiable batch reducing data entry and increasing productivity.

Excell Import/Export Batches: To increase productivity we provide routines to import and export new batches, budgets, forecast, and last year numbers. The exports allows you to extract the data, create a spreadsheet, modify them for the up coming year, then import the new information back into the system. This reduces the time and effort required when creating budgets, forecasts, or day to day batches.

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System Features

Inter-Company Capabilities

Recurring Entries

Customized Financials

Custom Chart of Accounts

Trial Balance

General Ledger

Statistic Ledger

Year-to-Date General Ledger

GL Detail Transactions

Multiple P & L Statements

Multiple Spread P & Ls

Multiple Balance Sheets

General Ledger searches

Consolidated P & L Statements

Consolidated Balance Sheets

Consolidated Spread P & Ls

Budget Comparisons

Last Year Comparisons

General Ledger Standard Reports

Print Trial Balance

Print General Ledger

G/L Detail Transactions

Year-To-Date General Ledger

20 - P & L Statements

5 - Spread P & L Statements

13 - Quarterly P & L Statements

2 - Last Year P & L Statements

3 - Y-T-D P & L Statements

12 Month Spread Budget

2 - Period P & L Statements

5 - Balance Sheets

5 - Consolidated Spread P & Ls

13 - Consolidated Qtr P & Ls

7 - Consolidated Yearly P & Ls

Consolidated Balance Sheet

Consolidated Trial Balance

Consolidated General Ledger

System Modules