The Accounts Receivable Software, or city ledger, is an open-item receivables system that comes as a standard component of both the SumIT Property Management System and the SumIT Back Office Accounting System. The Accounts Receivable component handles all of your property's accounts receivables, including payment posting routines and historical tracking of paid accounts. Automated postings programs, batch transaction entry routines, and Import functions all combine to help you not only charge, but collect in a timely manner.

Direct Billing: The accounts receivable system is designed to handle direct billing of hotel guests, group billing folios, wholesalers, tour operators, club memberships, and can be used for assessments for condominiums/timeshare accounts.

Accounting Controls: The direct billing approval options give full control to your account department to approve any transaction before it is transferred to the accounts receivable ledger.

Batch Posting Routines: Our batch posting routines are easy to use and making posting fast and efficient. Our Payment routine reduces the effort required to post a single check against multiple invoices, and reduces the number of errors ensuring that payments are applied properly.

Customized Statements: Your statements can be pre-printed forms, or if you prefer a customized form can be created automatically using your preferred color scheme and logos. In addition the user defined transaction descriptions give you full control of the look of your statements.

E-Mail Statements: E-Mail statements to your customers, reducing paper and reducing the time it takes to mail your statements.

Automatic Invoice Creation: Our accounts receivable software posts pre-approved direct bill accounts from the front desk, automatically during the night audit process.

Spreadsheet Options for Batch Imports: Easily import batch spreadsheets into the SumIT Accounts Receivable system using a variety of standard formats.

Automatic Generation of Recurring Entries and Fixed Charges: Our accounts receivable system handles recurring A/R entries and fixed charges posted either at your command or automatically on scheduled intervals.

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System Features

Cash posting routine

Batch posting routine

Invoicing options

General ledger postings

Club Billing/Assessments

Statement printing

Multiple aging techniques

Class code selections

Accounts Receivable Reports

A/R Accounts

A/R Invoices

A/R Statements

A/R Daily Register

A/R Activity Report

Aging Reports

P-T-D Transaction Register

P-T-D Document Code Register

System Modules