The SumIT Condominium accounting system is designed specifically for condominium and timeshare rental programs. This software maximizes your staff's efficiency in providing improved owner services, while increasing operational and managerial control of condominium operations. The automated revenue tracking, distribution with management expense, and full integration to the Daily Report System reduces the effort required to process and pay your owners.

Our unique online reservations and owner statements gives your owners the ability to see their account from your web-site,reducing the amount of calls to your owner services department. From user defined owner statements and checks to the magnetic media 1099 reporting, SumIT has unique functionality designed to increase your staffs overall efficiency. Give your Owner Services the tools to ensure timely owner service, and the luxury of automated rental program accounting backed by 24 hour support.

Revenue Distribution: Management decides what revenue distribution techniques are used.

Custom Owner Statements: Logos, transaction descriptions, and definable backgrounds customize the look you would like to present on your owner statements.

Multiple Owner Types: Management can track rental owners, non-rental, timeshare owners, and vacation club owners using the same system.

Web Interface: The online Web Reservations and Owner Statement Interface let's your customers easily reserve a room and owners view their statement over the internet.

Rental Program: The rental program functions reduce the time and effort required to provide owner checks and statements.

Timeshare Functions: The Timeshare processing supports fractional or interval ownership of a condominium with flexibility and ease.

Vacation Club Points: Designed functions to track and book based on a points program.

Club and Membership Billing: The charging functions provided make club membership programs simple to maintain and process.

Rotation Techniques: Five different condominium unit rotation techniques give flexibility and ensure even condominium usage, for even revenue distributions.

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System Features

Rental Programs

Timeshare Programs

Multiple Contract Types

Entry and Post Routines

Owner Statements

On-line Owner Statements

Import/Export Functions

Owner Checks

1099 Reporting

Reserve Balances

Escrow Accounts

Owner Assessments

Automatic Fixed Charging

Owner Revenue/Fees

Condominium Accounting Reports

Print Condominium 1099's

Print Condominium Checks

Condominium Check Register

Print Owner Statements

Print Owner Detail Report

Condominium Revenue Reports

Condominium Contract Report

Owner Aging Report

Owner Revenue Report

Condominium Detail List

P-T-D Transaction Register

P-T-D Document Code Register

Enter/Edit Batch List

Enter/Edit Proof of Post

System Modules