The Daily Report is one of our most popular system components and is standard in both the SumIT Condominium System and the SumIT Back Office Accounting System. This revenue journal system allows you to manage your financial statements on a daily basis. Our Daily Report software handles all the functions you need to account for your property on a daily basis, and the automated posting from the night audit makes producing financials easy and efficient.

Early Financials: The automated accounting created from the Night Audit process gives you financials first thing in the morning.

Budget, Last Year, and Outlook files: The SumIT Daily Report component is a complete financial system with current day and period to date amounts for the actual day, a last year amount, a budget, and an outlook file. The SumIT systems provides Import and export routines, accompanied by transfer routines that reduce the time and effort needed to create and work with these files increasing your accounting department's productivity.

Entry and Transfer Routines: Manual entry, edit, and post routines of Daily Report data for adjustment purposes; and data transfer capability of last year, budget, outlook, and general ledger data.

Daily Report Writer: The SumIT Daily Report has the flexibility and convenience of creating and customizing personalized financial statements. This unique driver file concept give our users control of line descriptions, amount fields, which accounts, which totals print, and what values serve as divisors in the development of your percentages. This remarkable and revolutionary system gives your accounting department full control of your financial and accounting reports.

Daily Report Date Control: The SumIT Daily Report System has an independent date record from the Front Desk, which allows your accounting department to adjusting any day's financial numbers. Give your accounting department the luxury of choosing when and how they choose to adjust, print, and distribute financials.

Daily Generation of Revenue & Statistics: The SumIT Night Audit automatically generates your daily revenue and statistical data from the entire Condomininum System. Save your accounting staff time and effort, so they can spend time analyzing your accounting numbers not accumulating them.

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Daily Report Formats

Format 1 compares: Current Actual, Budget, and Last Year's numbers to Period-to-Date Actual, Budget, and Last Year's numbers.

Format 2 reports: Current, Period-to-Date, Budget, Variance, and Last Year's numbers.

Format 3 compares: Current Actual, Budget, and Budget Variance numbers to the Period-to-Date Actual, Budget, Budget Variance, Last Year, and Last Year Variance numbers.

Format 4 reports: Current Actual numbers for comparison to Period-to-Date Actual, Outlook, Budget, and Last Year numbers, as well as reporting the variance between Actual numbers and Outlook, Budget, and Last Year numbers.

Format 5 compares: Current, Last Year, and Actual numbers to Period-to-Date Actual, Budget, and Last Year numbers.

Format 6 reports: Current, Period-to-Date, Year-to-Date, Budget, and Last Year numbers.

System Features

Detail Transaction Lists

Transaction Registers

Customized daily reports

Six Daily Report Formats

Entry and post routines

Independent Date

Generated Revenues

Generated Statistics

General Ledger searches

Budget Comparisons

Outlook Comparisons

Last Year Amounts

Budgets and Outlooks

Last Year Comparisons

Actual Daily Amounts

Period to Date Amounts

Daily Report Standard Reports

Detail Transaction Lists

Transaction Registers

System Modules