The SumIT - Condominium Accounting System offers a flexible and feature-rich environment that handles all of your basic operations as well as many in-depth functions that are unrivaled in condominium accounting software. Our state of the art technology solutions support a full spectrum of condominium and timeshare properties.

Specifically designed for the hospitality industry, the SumIT system contains a myriad of functions that focus on the individual guest, enabling your staff to anticipate needs, communicate more efficiently and provide an outstanding experience. Our systems help you maximize the efficiency of your staff and guest services, and increase management's control of all aspects of your property's operations. Whether you operate a single property or multiple properties with multiple locations, SumIT redefines the meaning of guest service, cultivating return visits and increasing your bottom line.

Rental Program: The rental program functions reduce the time and effort required to provide owner checks and statements.

Timeshare Functions: The Timeshare processing supports fractional or interval ownership of a condominium with flexibility and ease.

Web Interface: The online Web Reservations and Owner Statement Interface let's your customers easily reserve a room and owners view their statements online.

Dynamic Rate Tiers to Maximize Revenue: This yield management tool automatically increases room rates based on current availability, increasing your average daily rate.

Group Management: Set up and track group plans, corporate accounts, tour operators, or wholesale accounts. Automatically manage transaction routing, special billing, special rates and group block booking.

Package Plans: Our comprehensive and unique management defined packages allow unlimited automatic allocations separating rates from other miscellaneous expenditures. With our package-on-the-fly options, give your staff ultimate flexibility, while providing the package plan accounting you desire.

Enhance Guest Services: Efficient check-in/check-out, with individual and group saved preferences and requests. Use guest history, guest notes, messages and unlimited remarks to enhance your staff's communications, enhancing your guest service.

Shared Guest Control: Our system handles unlimited shared guests per reservation, splitting rates throughout the stay even if shared guests arrive and depart on different dates.

Condominium Accounting Module: A specialized module designed to account for rental and timeshare programs, with enhanced guest service functions and owner options designed to increase overall revenue.

Condominium Reservations Module: Our reservation functions handle much more than the basic functions you need to run your condominium reservations department, providing enhanced service to guests and owners.

Front Desk Module: A feature and option rich module designed to account for every aspect of your property and provide your staff enhanced guest service tools.

Group Sales Module: The sales options are designed to efficiently increase your occupancy, while providing increased revenue to your owners and promoting repeat business.

Housekeeping Module: This module is user definable with different levels of cleaning functions which are ideal for condominium properties which may not provide complete cleaning services on a daily basis.

Concierge Module: The concierge system lets your concierge staff customize data that lists and details attractions in your area such as restaurants, tours, shops, churches, and whatever information you choose to have on-hand for your guests.

Night Audit Module: Closing the day is a easy to use, yet comprehensive routine which closes your day and automatically posts the day's transactions into the tailor made Daily Report accounting system.

Accounts Receivable Module: Our billing system handles all of your property's accounts receivables, including payment posting routines and historical tracking of paid accounts.

Daily Report Module: This popular module is all you need to account for your property on a daily basis, and the automated posting from the night audit makes producing financials easy and efficient.

Travel Agent Commissions: The commission functions are a fast and efficient method of paying travel agent commissions, while reducing your time and effort to increase productivity.

Telephone/Messaging Module: The telephone module handles many of your property's telephone functions automatically when interfaced to your PBX system, even without a PBX interface you can track guest messages and delivery status.

Web Reservations Interface: This unique interface that is designed to work with your existing web site to provide real time availability and rates to your customer with an easy booking mechanism.

Full Function Interfaces: A concept designed to automate the accounting for your entire company, with real time data creating seamless integration for every system at your property.

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System Modules