Our Condominium Reservations Component handles much more than the basic functions you need to run your condominium reservations department, our all inclusive reservations entry routine provides quick and efficient techniques designed to reduce booking time and increase productivity. The condominium owner search creates reservations for your owners, with all the appropriate saved information for accurate owner reservations. The condominium rotation ensure even usage and rental revenue distribution, with multiple rotation techniques.

The extensive repeat guest history information tracks previous stay details, while creating future reservations using the guest's preferred accommodations and services. The ease and efficiency of the reservation process gives your customers first class service and personal attention.

Comprehensive Reservations Screen: The SumIT - Reservations and Guest screen provides access every reservation or front desk function from one all-inclusive screen, complete with condominium rotation and owner searches.

Dynamic Rate Tiers to Maximize Revenue: This yield management tool automatically increases rates based on current availability, increasing your average daily rate. Seasonal and day of the week rates can be defined and all rates support Monthly, Weekly, or Daily rates. The dynamic rate tiers provide full market value for your owners and timeshares, while ensuring your management company is maximizing it's profits.

Enhance Guest and Owner Services: A fast and efficient reservation process, with owner and customer saved preferences and requests. Use condominium accounts, guest history, notes, messages, and unlimited remarks to enhance your staff's communications, enhancing your services.

Condominium Rotation: The condominium rotation functions will rotate units within unit types, the rotation can be defined by rental revenue or by rental and owner night. The condominium rotation ensures even wear and tear on the unit as well as even revenue distribution for rental programs.

Web Reservations Subsystem Interface: Our online Web Reservations Interface allows your customers to easily access real-time availability at your property and to book a reservation from your website. The condominium Owner Interface allows your owners to view their statements from your website, reducing the questions and time spent answering owner inquiries.

Package Plans: Our comprehensive and unique management defined packages allow unlimited automatic allocations separating rates from other miscellaneous expenditures. And with our package on the fly options, give your staff ultimate flexibility, while providing the package plan accounting you desire.

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System Features


Repeat Guest History

Special Request Tracking

Condominium Owner Search

Scheduled Charging

Package Plan Processing

Fast, Efficient Reservations

Advance Deposits Processing

Seasonal Rates

Daily Rates

Weekly Rates

Monthly Rates

Travel Agent Commissions

Pre-assignments Searches

Reservations Report

All Arrivals

Scheduled Charges

Reservations List

Cancellations List

Guest Tickler Messages

Print Registration Cards

Advance Deposit Ledger

Advance Deposit Cutoff List

Market Group Sales Analysis

Confirmations by E-Mail

Conformations Letters

Market/Group Forecasts

Unit Type Forecasts

Summary Forecasts

System Modules