The Concierge component allows you to access the SumIT Information system from the Concierge menu, Check-in screen, and Reservations screen. Let your concierge staff customize and input data that lists and details attractions in your area such as restaurants, tours, shops, churches, and whatever information you choose to have on-hand for your guests. Provide first class service at the push of a button, while at the same time reducing the effort required to provide enhanced service.

Inquiry: The SumIT Information System lets you inquire for the attraction, retrieve the details, and print the information to hand to the guest. Print one specific item, or print all the items in general search such as all the restaurants in a general location. If your guest asks for a restaurant within walking distance, you will be able to provide them all.

User-defined Features: Our Information software offers the capability for a comprehensive database that you design. You decide your headings, major and minor category breakdown, record details, and zones. Seasonal date ranges, hours of operation, menus, and prices can be further defined within the Information System. SumIT provides the tool to give your staff the exact information they require to make your guest stay memorable.

Send your guests out on the town with directions and all of the information they need to enjoy your local attractions!

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System Features

Information System

Track On-site Activities

Track Local Attractions

Provide Guest Directions

Special Requests

Guest Inquiry

Guest Messages

Activity Scheduler

Activity Itinerary

Ticket Printing

Activity Providers

Historical Inquiry

Unit Inquiry

Group Inquiry

Concierge Reports

Arrivals List

Guest List by Name

Guest List by Unit

Guest List by Market

Departures List

Complimentary List

Special Request Arrivals

Activity Itinerary

Print Package Tickets

Print Activity Tickets

Guest Tickler Messages

VIP Lists

In-House Special Requests

Print Check out Folios

System Modules