The Sales & Marketing Component tracks your marketing data with significant flexibility, allowing your sales staff to effectively target demographic markets.

With SumIT, your staff has all of the important guest and prospect information they need for in-depth sales analysis. The specialized group functions are designed to efficiently provide your groups world class service, promoting repeat business to increase your occupancy.

Group Management: The SumIT group masters are designed to track and account for group plans, corporate accounts, tour operators, or wholesale accounts. Manage transaction routing, special billing, special rates, and group block booking with easy intuitive screens.

Marketing Data Extractions: The SumIT Property Management System tracks valuable information for sales and marketing, including data queries, multiple reports, and extraction routines. Reports can be viewed then saved in multiple file formats for use in mail merges, documentation or spreadsheets.

Marketing Options: The SumIT system has prospect files, future reservations, repeat guest history files, and folio history files giving multiple options as to the database extraction you use for future marketing.

Extensive History Files: SumIT provides multiple history files such as Folios, Re-peat Guests, Accounts Receivable, Travel Agent Commissions, and Daily Reports. This extensive amount of history tracking provides the information you need to make critical marketing decisions and is a database of potential future business.

Package Plans: Our comprehensive and unique management defined packages allow unlimited automatic allocations separating rates from other miscellaneous expenditures. Give your sales department the ability to sell and increase occupancy, while SumIT handles accounting and allocating the specific plan items.

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System Features

Group Masters

Group Rates

Group Blocking

Group Billing

Transaction Routing

Group Rooming Lists

Group Searches

Blocking Cut-offs

Group Advance Deposits

Corporate Accounts


Tour Operators

Group Reservations

Pickup Reports

Blocking Reports

Group Key Packets

Group Name Tags

Group Analysis

Sales and Marketing Reports

Regrets List

Arrivals List

Departures Lists

Blocking Reports

Guest Tickler Messages

Group Guest Lists

Guest Lists by Name

Guest Lists by Unit

Guest Lists by Market/Group

Registration Survey

Group Pick-Up

Group Profiles & Group Lists

Market Group Sales Analysis

Transaction Routing List

Repeat History Details

Market Forecasts

Unit Type Forecasts

Summary Forecasts

System Modules