The Housekeeping Component is an effective tool in managing your hotel's housekeeping department. We provide a wide variety of reports that allow your maid staff to divide workloads and cleaning schedules based on your policies and specific property needs. Our SumIT system tracks your housekeeping room status in real time, so your front desk knows the instant your maid staff changes the room status, even as they leave the room cleaned.

Cleaning Schedules by Section, Floor, and/or Credits: With the SumIT Housekeeping system, you have flexibility in how you divide your housekeeping schedules. You may assign units to be cleaned based on sections that you define, floors in the building, or credits that you define to assign equal workloads to your maid staff.

PBX Interface features (optional): If your PBX system is capable, an interface to the SumIT Front Office System allows your housekeeping staff to immediately update the room's clean status.

Housekeeping Functions: Define different levels of cleaning functions which are ideal for extended guest stays, green properties, and condominium properties that don't necessarily provide complete cleaning services on a daily basis.

Special Requests: Our Housekeeping software tracks and reports guest special requests, and alerts the staff about late sleepers, extra towel requirements, in-room pets, and whatever user-defined requests you wish to track.

Multiple Housekeeping Techniques: Our Housekeeping component accommodates several different types housekeeping techniques, the standard full cleaning every day or user defined housekeeping functions such as light cleans, full cleans, or towel drops.

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System Features

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Housekeeping Status

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Schedule Unit Maintenance

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Unit Picture, Map, Floor Plan

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