Web/Internet Reservations are essential to increasing your occupancy and revenue. CSS Hotel Systems offers a web reservations interface with our Front Office System, Marina System, and Condominium System. This unique interface is designed to work with your existing web site to provide real time availability and rates to your customer with an easy booking mechanism. Let your customers book a room, condominium, or marina slip with ease while reducing the telephone calls to your reservations department. The separation of your network and communication to the internet via your system's firewall ensures safety while providing full access to your customers.

Condominium Options: For properties which handle condominium rental programs and timeshares, our web reservations interface also provides online owner statements. Your owners can book their stays, view their condominium statements, or view the future assignment of their unit. All of these options can be turned on or off, depending on the policies of your company.

Secured Communications: The SumIT - Web Reservations Interface machine provides a second layer of security to your internet communications, adding to your networks firewall ensuring reservations are allowed in and keeping un-authorized network traffic out. Our programmers will work with your web-site providers to tailor make your interface to your specifications.

Full Function Interface Schematic

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For a list of the companies we have partnered with to develope state of the art interfaces and links to their web sites Click the Strategic Partners.