Our Marina Desk Component handles much more than the basic functions you need to run your marina's desk, our all inclusive reservations/guest entry routine provides quick and efficient techniques designed to reduce check-in and check-out times, increasing your staff's productivity. The in depth accounting functions provide the necessary management controls, without compromising the first class service you desire. The automated accounting techniques increase your efficiency by tracking and charging for your specialized services such a pump outs, electricity, water or any charge you desire.

SumIT provides extensive inquires, reports, and export/import functions providing full access to your data, in addition the intuitive screens reduce the cost and time for training. SumIT is the tool you need to enhance your service, increase productivity, and supply daily financials with minimal cost and effort.

Comprehensive Marina Desk Screen: The SumIT - Reservations/Guest screen allows marina staff to access every reservation or marina desk function from one all-inclusive screen. The slip number search will fit boats into slips based on the length, beam, and draft of the boat. The repeat history search creates reservations and guest accounts using information from previous stay information about your marina.

Length, Beam, & Draft: The system is designed to select slip numbers based on the length, beam, and draft of the boat, ensuring you maximize all your available space. The unique Daily Report system incorporates these numbers to your financials giving average rate by linear foot.

Boat History: Reservations/guest accounts can be created using history, ensuring that your accounts have all the necessary information from the last time this guest anchored. All boat information such as boat name, length, beam, draft, on-board passengers, tank capacity, and crew member additional names are added to the new reservation ensuring that every boat's stay is set up correctly.

Four Types of Availability: Pre-Assign slip numbers using the Slip Numbers List, the Slip Availability Board, the Slip Master List, and/or the Marina Map Display. All four displays use the Slip Attribute functions to limit the searches as well as the length, beam, and draft search.

Slip Graphics: Every slip can have a map, a schematic, and picture which can be printed prior to the boat's arrival.

Amenity Tracking and Charging: Special Request codes are user definable codes that not only track inventory, but also can be configured to post amenity charges for items such as electric, cable hookups, or any miscellaneous charge automating all aspects of the boat's stay.

Automated Charges and Packages: The automated scheduled charges, package plans, and scheduled changes provide reduce manual postings, while providing a mechanism to account for every aspect of the boat's stay.

Enhance Services: Fast and efficient check-in and check-out processes, with customer saved preferences and requests. Use history, notes, messages, and unlimited remarks to enhance your staff's communications, enhancing your customer service.

PCI Compliant Credit Card Interface: CSS Hotel Systems provides on-line capability and has PCI compliant interfaces available to securely streamline your credit card processing.

Cashier Reconciliation: The SumIT software provides an audit trail of transactions at the end of each cashier's shift for cashier balancing.

Accountability: A maintenance record not only records the time and employee who made a change, additionally the changed data is captured in a "was" and "is" field creating history of every change to a boat's stay. All transactions and changes to a boat are recorded, as well as the employee making the change providing full accountability.

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System Features

Amenity Charging

Automatic Postings

Length, Beam and Draft

Yield Management By Space

Slip Pre-Assignment

Share-with functions

Multiple Boat Histories

Advance Deposit Tracking

All Inclusive Routine

Tank Capacities

On-Board Passengers

Additional Names

Services Tracking

Scheduled Charging

Transients and Long Term

Fast Check In and Check Out

Dockage Card Printing

Package Plan Processing

Package Plans On the Fly

Instant Charge Processing

Cashier Audits

Full Function Interfacing

Import/Export Functions

Boat and History Inquiries

Transaction Routing

Guest Ledger Tracking

Transaction Audit Trail

Maintenance Details

Web Reservations

PCI Compliant Credit Cards

Marina Desk Reports

Marina Boat List

Marina Boat History List

Arrivals Lists

In-House Lists

Departures Lists

Cancellations Lists

Tickler Messages

Folio History Lists

Special Requests Arrivals

In-House Special Requests List

Summary Boat Ledger

Charge Authorization List

Transaction Lists

Scheduled Charges List

Credit Card by Type

Transaction Routing List

Print Check-Out Folios

VIP Lists

Folio Details List

Print Package Tickets

Print Activity Tickets

Status Summary List

Dockage Rate Analysis

Complimentary List

Extended Stay List

Early Departure List

Status Summary List

Market Group Sales Analysis

Walk-In List

Vehicle List

System Modules