The SumIT Night Audit is a simple to use, yet comprehensive routine which closes your day and automatically posts the day's transactions into the tailor made Daily Report accounting system. SumIT's revolutionary technique of automated accounting reduces errors, while providing the luxury of daily financials produced by a touch of a button.

SumIT's Night Audit Features: A complete Dockage rate analysis for review prior to the dockage & tax posting. The automated dockage and tax poster will also post special request charges with a push of a button. We also offer a print & post of scheduled charges to eliminate the need for manual postings. The night audit routine accumulates all transactions, automatically posts daily report transactions, and produces a complete set of night audit reports.

Audit of all Transactions: Our night audit routine audits all transactions posted directly in SumIT system. All transactions are tracked and posted, and are always accessible in Folio History for review or research. We also offer full function interfacing to eliminate the need for manual data input of outlet revenues. All of these functions combine to automate all of properties accounting, and produce complete Daily Financials with a minimal amount of effort.

Automatic Posting Mechanism: The SumIT night audit routines automatically post dockage and tax charges, amenities, services, special request charges, scheduled charges, travel agent commissions, condominium revenue, package plan allocations, general ledger transactions, and statistic ledger transactions.

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System Features

Dockage & Tax Posting

Scheduled Charge Postings

A two step Night Audit

Night audit registers

Auto-generated Financials

Complete audit trail

Saves Folios to History

Generates direct bills

Creates repeat history

Creates T/A commissions

Night Audit Reports

Print Trial Balance

Credit Cards by Type

Transactions by Date

Transactions by Cashier

Folio Details List

In-House Tax Exempt

Advance Deposit Ledger

Summary Guest Ledger

Summary City Ledger

20 Detailed N/A Registers

System Modules