Our Telephone & Messaging component handles many of your marina's telephone functions automatically when interfaced to your PBX system. Most functions of our PBX interface will be invisible to you, happening automatically when you check a boat in and out of our system. Even without a PBX interface, you can utilize the Telephone component to track messages and delivery status.

Message Options: The SumIT Messaging component supports guest messages, house messages, and guest tickler messages. These messages provide a tool to increase your communications for your boat owners, but also about the guests on the boat to provide increased guest service.

Manual Options: The SumIT PBX interface also allows your staff to manually activate phones connections and messages waiting using the SumIT Telephone routines.

Automated Telephone Activation: With the SumIT PBX interface, three functions are automatically activated upon check-in and deactivated upon check-out: The phone extension to receive calls and track billing for long-distance and local service; message waiting; and Do-Not-Disturb options for your boats.

To speak with a representative or to see a demonstration of the SumIT - PBX/Messaging Software Contact Us Today.

System Features

Telephone Searches

Guest Messages

House Messages

Guest Tickler Messages

Unit Status via Phone

Do Not Disturb Options

Guest Wake Up Calls

Interface Monitor

Telephone/PBX Reports

Arrivals List

Guest List by Unit

Guest List by Name

Departures List

Guest Tickler Messages

Special Request List

Vehicle Report

VIP Guest List

System Modules