CSS Hotel Systems provides personal system training as well as data conversion services and support. Onsite training is an integral part of the initial system set-up and installation of all CSS Hotel Systems software products. However, additional training and services may also be scheduled at your convenience.

Onsite Training: Onsite system training is a standard part of installation and is initially configured into the price of your CSS Hotel Systems system. Our trainers hold staff training sessions in a classroom environment, onsite at your property. During installation, training sessions include system set-up procedures where your managers define your system codes, plans, financial reports, and policies. Our trainers teach you how to best utilize your CSS Hotel Systems' tools to handle your day-to-day operations, as well as provide insight on alternative procedures to help meet your business goals.

Remote Training: Whether you seek a refresher course, new staff training, or a walk-through of set-up procedures to reconfigure your system, we can help. You may gather the staff members in need of training, define exactly what areas you need covered in training, set up an on-line connection with our training staff, and receive personal training in your own offices without the added cost of travel expenses. Contact us to schedule a remote training session.